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Peyton Pointe series

Welcome to my new world, yall!

Three Against All is the first book in my new Peyton Pointe series. Set in Georgia, among lush green trees and decadent homes, the people of Peyton Pointe are everything you love to hate. These are NA stories, following our main smoke shows from graduation into the real world. Three Against All is a mfm happily ever after with no cheating, no love triangles, and alllll the steam and laughter. 

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Welcome to Peyton Pointe

Three Against All 

Book One of the Peyton Pointe Series



Since they were children, Holden, Finn, and Monroe belonged to each other.

Over time their love changed.


Became More.

Became Everything.

Absent parents with more money than sense and decency left their children to each other, and they raised themselves. They defined their relationship within the context of their love for each other.

And now they don't care what anyone thinks.

Days away from graduating high school, their lives are about to change.

For better or for worse, they're in this together.


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