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Stand Alones



Life can be cruel and sad at the same time it can be weird and wonderful. Jilly's loss affected everyone close to her. They all felt like they'd never be happy again and that life wouldn't ever be the same.

They were wrong, and they were right.

Through the inadvertent interference of famous BMXer, they learned to embrace life and its possibilities: to live and love. Which meant their lives weren't the same, but somehow turned out the way they were supposed to: with their focus on a bright tomorrow.




If Brice Huntington had lived in another time he would have been called a debaucher, a scoundrel, a libertine, and a man leading a profligate life. Holland Baxter has a few choice modern words for him, and effin' jerk is the nicest one she can say here. But... When she finds herself without a home, it turns out Brice can be a good friend. And, as time and proximity give her an up-close look at who he really is, and who he can be, she's intrigued. Yeah, she knows this is a slippery slope, but there's something about him that makes her want to stay.  


Cassie Huntington and Declan Preston began crushing on each other when they were kids. For years, neither acted on their feelings. Then, on one fantastic, reckless night in Seaside, Florida, just before Cassie was to marry another man and Declan was to leave for London, they shared everything they ever wanted. Then Declan left.

After the best sex of his life, Declan knew he’d return to reclaim his first love when his two-year stint in London ended. But when he learns Cassie has been hiding life-altering secrets, he realizes he doesn’t know the woman he'd left behind. Worse, just when he thinks one deception is cleared up, she lays another whopper on him—a fake holiday wedding. Yet what starts as lies will end as a truth that could never be denied: Declan and Cassie are meant to be together. Forever.

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Recent high school graduate, Savannah Nightingale loves her best friend Nate Deacon, but he's an emotional drain.
Dark, angry, and volatile, keeping him in line over the last twelve years has taken its toll. He's doesn't get along with people, and she's the only person he interacts with on the regular. She's the only one who can pull him back from the edge before he snaps. His older brother Jeremy is the complete opposite. Happy, fun-loving, and laidback, when he's home from college for the summer, he starts hanging out with Savy. Jeremy wants to free her from Nate's dark hold, and wants to help her have some long overdue fun...then finds himself surprisingly in love. 
When Nate reacts badly, turns out, Jeremy will do anything for the girl he loves.


Imagine having two gorgeous concierge butlers pick you up at the airport for your long-awaited annual girls’ weekend. Imagine having one of those to-die-for guys flirt with you outrageously in an amazingly sexy Southern drawl. Imagine having him pursue you until you gave in, but you both promised that it would be no more than a weekend fling. That was what Livi and Taylor agreed to, but by the end of the weekend the promise was broken, and Livi had to go home. Life without Taylor sucked. Life without Livi was the worst. Life together...they both wished for it, and someone had to make a move to seize their future.

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