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Coming 2/13/2020

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Writing Crue and Avory wasn't easy. They were the last story to tell, signaling the end of my time with The Devil's Share, RiffRaff Records, and The Devil's Spawn. Play Nice was the first book I had published with Borough's Publishing Group, and I couldn't have predicted that those four rockers would spawn another generation of characters for me. I love Dash, Smith, Jacks, and Luke. But the love I have for their kids? It's hard to put into words without starting to cry. I know it's sad that this series is done, but please know these characters live on in my mind. They're happy, and they're all still in love. They go to Friday Family Dinner and their children play together, running wilds through the compound. I am eternally grateful for this experience, for these love stories I got to share with the world. 

Thank you for ready. Thank you for loving these people as much as I do. 


PS- Earth Shattering (St. Leasing Book 6) is coming soon!