Upcoming releases and other news

What's Next?

Well. I'm going to be honest with you, quarantining with my kiddos was not great for my creativity. Like a lot of you out there my life turned on a dime and no longer consisted of free time. I was with my children all day, every day. I home schooled, I wracked my brain trying to come up with yet another fun activity to keep them from focusing on the uncertain world outside.

What I didn't do much of, was write. 

I managed to release a stand alone, The Ideal. And I also got book six in the St. Leasing series out last month! I was really proud of that accomplishment. 

So what's next?

Book seven in the St. Leasing series of course. 

Jasper is getting his HEA in Mind Blowing, the seventh and final book in the St. Leasing Shifter series. 

After that?

No entirely sure yet. But something cool. Hopefully. 

Hang in there y'all, 

LP Maxa