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our newest adventure

You know how, as people, we tend to have issues? And we tend to kind of self medicate our issues any way that works for us? If you're shaking your head no, then kudos to you my friend.

I self medicate my inability to have more kids, with baby animals. I know I do this. I have a long history {three dogs, a cat, and a failed rabbit experiment} of doing this. In my opinion, knowing you have a problem is the first step in recovery. I obviously haven't figured out the second step yet because I'm still filling my house with dependents.

Enter Boulder, the Nigerian dwarf buckling. He's ten days old and he needs to be bottle fed. Yep. Bottle fed.

Now, I'm not completely insane. Boulder isn't my first bottle baby goat. I had one in high school, who I LOVED. I've always wanted another goat {ask anyone} and now I have one. He needs a couple lady friends and then we'll be all set. You see, I convinced my husband this little goat side project of mine would be as profitable as it is adorable. My plan is to milk our does and then do something farmer's markety with the fresh goats milk. I thought about making cheese or home made soaps and lotions. Yeah. I have zero experience with either, but it can't be that hard, right? Plus, I can sell the babies we have as pets. Who doesn't want a tiny baby goat lounging in their lap? I did read that a lot of time you have to help the momma goats birth the babies because they can get stuck. I can do that. I totally can...I'm sure there are YouTube tutorials...and I know a vet, maybe he'd come help me my first time being a goat mid-wife...

Now, don't worry I didn't only get goats, that would be silly. I also got some baby chicks, four of them to be exact {one didn't make it}. I've never had chickens before. I've never wanted to own chickens because they terrify me. And I'm pretty sure that the chick my husband picked out, the one he had to have, is a rooster. We'll eventually need to figure out how to deal with that little egg fertilizer issue. If I end up cracking open a fertilized egg y'all, I'll need therapy for sure.

All my worries and new fears aside, we'll have baby goats and fresh eggs and goats milk...We'll be a little bit self sustainable. It's going to be fun, our daughter is THRILLED. My husband? He's the most patient man in the world.

Join us next time to hear all about my very real fear of chickens.

Love, LP

don't these guys look terrifying to you?

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