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My goat needs a BFF

Mini farm update time! I know everyone has been waiting anxiously to hear what's up at my animal filled house. Boulder's tummy is so much better. Now he's gaining weight and getting chunky. And he's spoiled beyond belief. He paws at my legs, asking to be fed and picked up. This goat literally loves to cuddle. We're still weighing our options as far as what to do with him ball sack wise. I want to band him and make him a pet, or leave him intact and stud him out. That's right, I want to be a goat pimp.

But my husband keeps reminding me that my original idea was to get a buck, a couple of does, and make some goat babies. Goat breeder vs. Goat sperm dealer. Anyone have any thoughts? Any goat life insight? It would be greatly appreciated. I feel like my husband is sitting back and laughing at all this. I tried to untangle myself from goat mid-wife and cheese maker and he was like, Nope, *Que maniacal laughter* You wanted to do this, so you've gotta do it. Which, is cruel, but totally warranted.

Now on to those horrible chickens. Ugh. They are getting so big and so dang gross y'all. They're losing all their downy feathers which, luckily, means it's almost time to transition them to a chicken coop. I'm so ready. They poop on each other and act really sketchy every time I have to change their food or water. Plus, the older the one I think is a rooster gets, the more sure I am that I'm right. His tail is super extra and he has more color than the other chicks. They all hide under him too, like he's in charge. Ugh.

I need a mini farm guru, someone to tell me what to do with Boulder's man parts and how to keep my chickens from attacking me when my back is turned, which is what I think their plans is.

Help me.

Love, LP

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