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manners matter ya

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, which means I am lucky enough to say "I'm from the south". Now, as I've mentioned in a few of my books, there is a difference between the south (Texas) and the deep south (all the other southern states). I've dated men from both. Trust me, there's a difference. 

I was talking with some girl friends of mine not too long ago about manners and being raised in the south. It's was during the day of Play Dirty's release. You see, my publishers did a release day blitz for me. Which sent my southern manners into overdrive. I was going crazy constantly posting thanks yous and you're the bests on all these different tweets and shares and review sights. My head was spinning. But, I couldn't not express my graditude. It's ingrained in my DNA to say please and thank you and call people ma'am and sir. To this very day I call my friends parents Ms. (Insert first name) or Mr. (Insert first name). And I'm 30. Actually y'all, I'm almost 31, which is another blog post entirely. 

So, anyway, I was talking to some friends about their favorite southern manners and niceties. {And just to be clear, those aren't A and B points. Those are the initials to their first names.}

A: According to Gogo {her grandma} if someone comes by to visit and you don't have iced tea and some sort of snack they won't come back. Too this day she tries to feed everyone like we haven't eaten anything in a week!

Also southern hospitality is an excellent Ludacris song

B: Being from California I've really gotten into the phrase bless her/your heart instead of saying F off. I feel like that's a uniquely southern way of politely expressing your distaste. 

M: Hand written thank you cards, personal and for business, make the world of difference. Find a way to make anything a compliment. You can hide alcohol in almost any beverage and go undetected.


I love where I'm from. And I love that it's on going. I love that manners and southern hospitality aren't something that's stopped with an older generation. All my friends are teaching their kids what they were taught. My daughter is three and little boys in her daycare class open the door for us to leave. 

It's a way of life, that will continue, because that's just how we were raised. 

Thanks y'all 😉

Love, LP

Ps- you didn't think I would forget the best part, did you?

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