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I mean...I work.

I can now say, proudly, that I am a full time writer. That's right people. I quit my day job, and I now LIVE the author life, all day err day. It's a dream come true. This is something I've wanted since I was a little girl, and I did it.

Now. This transition has not been easy for me. Or my husband, but I'm the writer and I'm writing about me *points both thumbs to self and makes a sassy face*. I worked at the same establishment for over ELEVEN years. That's a really long time, right? I started there when I was twenty one and I'd come in hungover AF every Friday. I used to enjoy my job, but it got to the point where I just resented being there. All day, all I could think was I could be writing, I could be doing a takeover, I could be editing, I could be napping.

J/k I always thought about napping, from the first day I started. 

So, I worked my butt off and sold a bunch of books. I made sure that I had a lot of WIPs under contract with my publishers. I talked to my husband {mostly pleaded and begged} and then I quit my job. Let me tell you, it felt freaking good. 

My daughter had been in daycare since she was twelve weeks old, because my husband and I both worked full time. We went back and forth about taking her out now that I was home, or keeping her in for the summer {she starts kindergarten in August}. We decided to keep her in, and I would focus all my energy on turning in the 10 + books I have under contract. 

I found myself sitting at my desk, in an empty house, with no one to talk to but the dogs. I started to feel worthless. I felt lazy and I felt spoiled. I got kind of depressed. I'd been a working mom for almost five years by that point. And three of those years I'd been writer, mom, wife, and I'd done it all while working 30+ hours a week. Being at home seemed guttonous to me. 

It took several weeks for me to get into my new groove. The thing about writing is, if the words aren't coming, it doesn't matter how many hours in a day you have to devote to them. They still won't come. Words are assholes like that. There would be days where I wouldn't write one single word. And then there would be days when I'd write 5,000 words. Once again, I had to find my balance. Balance is so important to me, it's what makes me who I am. Some days I rock it, some days I watch five hours of Netflix. I've always been that way, and I had to learn to apply that to my new full time writer life. 

I made my own routine, and I try to stick to it. I try to do one thing a day for someone else. I clean, I run errands, I work out, I write, I promote. I keep my website updated. I actually send out my monthly newsletter. I participate in my reader group. I get my daughter from school early and take her to do fun or silly things. And I've picked blogging back up, because I really enjoy it. It took a minute, but I've learned to live this new life of mine. This life I've striven for, worked hard for. 

I also have time on my hands to google image hot shirtless dudes. So, you're welcome for that. Look at the top picture, he has a whip and he is wearing lots of tule. Made me giggle.

I guess the gist of this post is, embrace the good even if it feels like you don't deserve. Find your balance, with whatever it may be. And live your life in a way that makes you feel great and fulfilled at the end of the day. That's quite a few gists, but again *points to self* I'm the writer. 

Love, LP

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