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Chicken sh*t

I've said it before, but chickens scare me. They move and flap their wings with no warning. They peck at stuff and try to fly even though it doesn't end well. They are unpredictable and I don't love them.


A reader suggested to me that I should really try and create a bond with my hens in order for us to have a better long term relationship. And so I could go in and get eggs and stuff when my brave five year old isn't at home. Notice the difference when she's holding them and when I'm holding them.

So, per suggested, I put on my big girl panties and started to hold the chickens. I pick each one up and set them in their little pay pen in the yard. AND then I move them back. That's right people, I hold each one of them TWICE.

These chickens of mine are getting huge, I swear they double in size every few days. My husband has started on their very custom, modern chicken coop. I'm excited for them. Their home is going to be nicer than mine. Of course I'll share plenty of pictures when its ready. Also, someone was telling me about growing your own chicken food. Have any of you heard of this? You grow grass from barley seeds and apparently they eat the whole thing. I need to do some research, but it seems super fancy. And green.

Since I've been spending more time with the little terrors I noticed they play dead too. Does anyone else's chickens do that? They like lay down all dramatic and stick one wing in the air. It seems very over the top and uncalled for.

In Boulder news, he's still adorable. And he loves to be held and cuddled. I'm not sure he knows he is a goat. He'll probably be super pissed when he has to move outside and hang with his goat friends. I'm also still looking for the right lady for him...I'm on a couple of wait lists. He met my nephew and sister last week. I like watching people interact with him for the first time. Everyone is always so surprised by how much they love him. I don't think many people realize how totally loving these little goats can be.

On the #writerlife side of things, I have a new book coming out on April 24th. Sanctuary, book five in the RiffRaff Records series. It's Evie {Smith and Dylan's oldest daughter} and her rocky road to HEA. Her guy is kind and tattooed, I think y'all will like him. I went ahead and linked the GoodReads page up there to the title.

I'm still planning on adding a page on my new website to share book recommendations with you guys. I love to read, and I have so many wonderful author friends. There are tons of books and series that captivated me, and I can't wait to discuss them with y'all! I'll be sure to let everyone know when I have it up and running.

Thanks for hanging with me, and reading about my mini farm...

Love, LP

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