Pills. Pain. Loss. Love.

Smith James doesn't need drugs. He just likes them a whole lot. And as bassist for the Devil's Share they are easy to come by. So are the women. With a steady supply of both he doesn't have to think too hard about his past. But when a beautiful physician's assistant joins the tour, Smith can't help but want...more.

From the time he first met her, Luke Matthews knew Lexi Grant was the girl for him. He joined a band to impress her. He became a famous drummer to win her heart…only to have his bandmate win it instead. Watching the two together was torture, so Luke fled. Spent months in Costa Rica surfing and perfecting the art of becoming a manwhore. But on the dreaded flight home, forced to reunite with his band and begin a whirlwind promo tour for their new album
, Luke knows what he must do. Lie.

Money. Fame. Whiskey. Sex.

For Dash Conner, lead singer of The Devil's Share, everything he wanted was his for the asking. Whiskey. Drugs. Money. Sex.

But not Lexi Grant. For the first time since he picked up a guitar, a girl was actually demanding he woo her. And for a chance with this one, Dash would do that and more.

Play for Keeps

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They had a deal. Get married, have another kid. But Dash is convinced Lexi isn't feeling it. She's working 60 hour weeks at RiffRaff Records, and - if you can believe this - she's avoiding him. Plus the family is going crazy. Dylan's pregnant, Smith's a wreck, Luke and Lo have become moguls and Jacks...well, Jacks is Jacks. Then things get really dicey and the wedding is postponed. Hey! What happened to Dash's happy-ever-after? Worried? Don't be. The Devil's Share women got this.

Guitarist of the world-famous rock band The Devil’s Share, no one would expect Jackson Cole to have a best friend who’s a girl, but his relationship with Bryan Lawson is too special to endanger with sex…until a different girl—the waifish nine-year-old who claims he’s her father—makes Jacks realize all that truly matters.

Dash Connor, lead singer of The Devil’s Share, has everything planned: the party, the candles, the music. He’s going to ask Lexi Grant to marry him. Not that getting hitched will make any difference in how he feels about her—head over heels just about covers it—but they have a baby on the way and that little bundle of joy is going to have his last name. But, like everything that’s happened since the first day he met Lexi, his best laid plans are about to be upended. But,
it’s all good—except for the trouble brewing with his bandmate.


The Devil's Share news and updates

Play for Keeps is out now!! 

So many exciting things in the works for the Devil's Share family. Like you will all read at the end of Play for Keeps, I've started a spin off series titled Riffraff. The first book out will be Mason who is one of the artist the Devil's Share will work with at Riffraff Records. Then? It's on to the Devil's Share offspring! That's right. You'll get to hear from the second generation. And talk about epic love stories. Everyone wants to out do their parents ,right?