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Livi was having what you could call a bad year. She had never been more ready for her yearly girl's trip with her three best friends. A weekend of drinking, dancing, and laying in the sun were just what she needed. What she didn't need was a sexy playboy trying to tempt her into a weekend fling.

Taylor knew what Livi thought of him. Arrogant, cocky, player...Not that she was wrong. She wasn't. But something about Livi made him want to be more. Now if he could just convince her to let him try.

Two years after spending one blissful night with her lifelong crush, Cassie Huntington meets Declan Preston again during the Christmas season, and secrets and lies turn into a fake wedding that just might save their love.
Cassie Huntington and Declan Preston began crushing on each other when they were kids. For years, neither acted on their feelings. Then, on one fantastic, reckless night in Seaside, Florida, just before Cassie was to marry another man and Declan was to leave for London, they shared everything they ever wanted. Then Declan left.
After the best sex of his life, Declan knew he’d return to reclaim his first love when his two-year stint in London ended. But when he learns Cassie has been hiding life-altering secrets, he realizes he doesn’t know the woman he'd left behind. Worse, just when he thinks one deception is cleared up, she lays another whopper on him—a fake holiday wedding. Yet what starts as lies will end as a truth that could never be denied: Declan and Cassie are meant to be together. Forever.

Happy Place

Never Ever

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You guys all know how much I love a good series. That being said, I do have two stand alone novels currently out in publication. Happy Place will of course be getting a sequel at some point. Everyone loved Brice too much to not give than man his own HEA.