Dash and Lexi have been planning their Seaside wedding for months, and the closer the date gets, the more it looks like this marriage will never happen.
They had a deal. Get married, have another kid. But Dash is convinced Lexi isn't feeling it. She's working 60 hour weeks at RiffRaff Records, and - if you can believe this - she's avoiding him. Plus the family is going crazy. Dylan's pregnant, Smith's a wreck, Luke and Lo have become moguls and Jacks...well, Jacks is Jacks. Then things get really dicey and the wedding is postponed. Hey! What happened to Dash's happy-ever-after? Worried? Don't be. The Devil's Share women got this.

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I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, daughter, 3 rescue dogs, 1 stray cat and 1 adopted on purpose cat. The fish died. I love reading as much as I love writing. I've read a lot of the classics, and I appreciate the hell out of them. But, nothing is as fun as curling up with a glass of wine (or beer or whiskey) and a fun romance novel.

I would love nothing more than to hear from my readers. Tell me what you love about your favorite characters and what you wish for them. Also, send me a message if you are interested in becoming one of my beta readers. You can get advanced reader copies of upcoming books!